Using Natural Light for Outdoor Photography

Today I thought we could go over how to use the natural light you have when outside taking wildlife or nature photography. It does seem like a simple task, but mother nature has her way of making things move around the way. One minute it might be sunny and the next it could be cloudy with a chance of storms mixed in there. You just never know which is why you have to make the most of what you are given.

Early Morning Risers

There are a lot of people who would rather get up early and catch the sunrise in hopes to catch the pretty colors the suns rays put off as it rises early in the mornings. They will have the beautiful colors of the light if that is what they are looking for on that particular day. Then as the sun rises farther into the sky they will probably feel they lost the light they wanted at that time. Although they do not realize that there is still most of the day left and that is a good thing. The more of the day you have to spend, the better off you are and the more chances you have of finding that perfect spot with the perfect lighting.

Midday Rushers

Then we have the people who get up late, oh and I’m not complaining, because we all like to and deserve to sleep in every once in a while. They are the people who have missed the morning light and have the midday sunlight to contend with. The shade helps to make it bearable but can also cause lighting issues. It can cause things to be too dark one way or too light another. Well, if you are taking someone’s picture, you don’t want them to have to squint the whole time either. The sun being up at midday will always do that, not to mention it can be very hot, especially in my part of the world.

Carefree Afternoon Sliders

So now we are on to the people who have had things to do all day or just wanted to sit at home and relax. There’s not a thing wrong with that and usually when I do it, I am as slow as they come. They talk about getting the last rays of sun for the day, but just cannot motivate enough to actually be in a rush to get whee they want to be. They have the mind set that this is as fast as they are going and well if they don’t make it, there is always another day. I can totally agree with that too because I have them days very often. There has to be a reason for me to rush in order to do so. It will all be there tomorrow I say, and it may not be the same one as yesterday, but sometimes its even better than the day before. If you are not on a schedule, there is no need to rush anywhere. Everyone needs to slow down anyway, but it also gives ample opportunity for the sun to start to set and let all the beautiful colors come back out and bring the sky to life. You will get the picture you want and possibly some you never thought you would get. It’s all ok and it will all work out in the end. You will eventually get what you need but if you are not on a schedule, there’s really no need to rush.

Which Are You

That would be the biggest question of them all. Are you an early morning riser, a midday rusher, or an afternoon slider? Well which ever one you are, it doesn’t really matter because you will have you days that are opposite of what you are now and you will see the beauty of what the others see. It’s just like in life, we always shake things up a little to make it more interesting and photography is the same way. You do not want just the same pics of one view countless times because no two sunrises or sunsets are the same. The lighting is always different. The colors are always different. You have to use and make the best of what mother nature is giving you and use it to the best of your ability. You have to manipulate your subject to get the lighting just right even if that means sitting in one spot forever. But do not worry because it will come and it usually arrives when you least expect it. If not the day you go out then maybe the next time because the natural lighting we are given has to be played with and sometimes you get that perfect shot and sometimes you don’t. It’s how the world works. The natural lighting only makes your scenery better than any man manipulated scene. But to all of you patiently waiting I say, “No Worries!” because it will come.

Peace be with you all and may you have happy trails wherever your camera may take you.




  1. Dane says:

    Nature on its own have made life pretty easy for us generally. Well I’m not into photography but I have a friend who is into it and a son who aspires to be a photographer as well. I know this post will be of great benefit to them when I inform them of it. But for me, I’ve learned that I should make use of what nature provides for me. Thanks for this nice post. 

    • Sherrane says:


      Thank you for your feedback. Even though you are not into photography, I am so glad you have found someone who is and can still make use of my post. I really appreciate your feedback and glad it will benefit someone. We should always make use of what nature provides for us.

      Have a great day!


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