Twisted Trees

Several hours ago I was out with my camera hiking and seeing all the wonders of nature. I happen to come across this, which I call the twisted tree. To me it was an amazing thing to see because twisted trees are not something you come across every day. So after about thirty minutes and several shots, this is only one of the pictures I was satisfied with.

Twisted Trees

The Lighting

Looking at it at a first glance, you may see nothing but roots growing out of the side of a hill. To me it was so much more than that. Standing in the creek, feet wet, the sun just shining perfectly through the trees to capture the image I would like to see.

You can see the green grass and moss growing, along with the creek water at the edge of the tree. Most importantly, the light shining down on the twisted tree root makes it stand out to where you can not only see the twisted tree, but also the surroundings of nature at its finest.

The reason I decided on this picture was because it was a good day and it felt like something was guiding me to try to do the best job I could with what I had to work with. The scenery was awesome and I actually hiked to this spot and it took a lot of effort to get the angle I was at without getting completely soaked. Although today was warm enough to go swimming, I had no plans to.


Hiking for the shot

I had to hike a pretty good way to take this picture and today was a scorcher. The job, if you want the right or most excellent picture, is never an easy feat. It always takes work and then the talent comes because you have the passion and desire for it.

If I had neither, I would have missed the shot completely because I would not have cared. That would have been a disappointment to me, because nature is my meaning, background, and studio.

Having the perfect studio right in front of you is one of the greatest gifts mother nature could have given us. To just look and not take advantage of what we have been given for free, would be a disappointment.


Taking Care of Mother Nature

One of my earlier posts, I mentioned we all need to slow down in this life. We need to enjoy it while we can because when tomorrow comes, we may never know what will happen.

When going out to take pictures, make sure you do not leave any trash behind. Make sure you leave it how you found it so other people can enjoy it as well. It disappoints me that we, as a human race, give no regard to the beauty we have been given. We should take care of it as if we would take care of our own child.

If you think about it, mother nature is our mother of the earth, and we should respect her as if we were respecting our own mother. They say have respect for your elders and she is the eldest of them all.


If You Have Desire/Passion

Everyone has the passion for something they love to do and this is mine. It’s about what you love to do. When you love to do something it gives you the desire and passion to do it. This is what drives the human race to be the best they can be.

My passion is taking pictures of the outdoors, nature, and wildlife. This is what I love to do. The passion also gives me the opportunity to make myself better at what I do. I have not only found that it gives me the chance to better at my art, but it has also given me the desire to make myself a better person. People are always better when I’m out in nature because it is so relaxing and enjoyable. People are a better person for having the passion and the desire to make more of myself.

Never Easy

It may not be easy but I found it is easy for me because it is something I love. I have found that the hardest part is finding the right pictures, knowing where to go, and getting the lighting the way I want it.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about part of my journey today because there is more to come. Many of you may enjoy the picture (more to come) I had added along with it so you can see from my eyes and point of view. Remember, it may not be perfect, but if it’s yours and you like it, that’s all the accomplishment you need.

I welcome any and all comments and will take constructive criticism very well. Enjoy the rest of your day and night as I will be getting up early tomorrow, if the weather is not too bad. I will do more picture taking and maybe a little fishing. I will try to go to the waterfalls.

Practice, practice, and more practice so it will help better enable you to be successful. Success is one of the greatest accomplishments in the world. Especially when the world is so busy today.

To Your Success and Mine,




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