Tree Landscape Photography

Everyone knows there is an abundance of Mother Nature around us. Sometimes we just have to open out eyes to see. With everyone so busy on their computers and phones these days, it is hard to appreciate what we are missing. As for myself, I walk through my days with my eyes wide open, expecting the unexpected as I do. We all should because time is never promised to us, it is only borrowed. Today I want to know how everyone gets their best tree landscape photography ideas and how they can be utilized in all walks of life. I would like to see everyone comment how they get most of their ideas and what they may be doing at the time. I am also going to encourage you to post a tree landscape of your own for everyone to see.

Full of Wonder


I believe being out in Mother Nature and hiking is the most wonderful way to see and create your own pictures of tree landscapes, even if it is just a walk in the park. I know I have walked state parks all over and even close to home. Each time you go, there is always something new and exciting to see. With Fall rapidly approaching, even though I know some of us are still in the blistering heat, the leaves will soon start to change colors and begin to fall from the trees. I can not wait for this as there will be an abundance of beauty among the colors Fall has to offer. The beauty of the colors alone make this my favorite time of year.

Twisted Trees


You can ride along or drive in your car and stop every so often to try to get that perfect picture. It is a great way to do so when it is cold outside or the weather is nasty. I have done this many times, especially when traveling through other states. It is not as ideal as hiking because of the stop and go of the vehicle. This is a big reason why hiking is my favorite way to go. Plus with hiking, you get the smells and sounds Mother Nature has to offer but also the leisure at going your own pace. Like I said it is good for inclement weather or if you are unable to hike for miles at a time.

Tree Landscapes

Tour Buses/Travel guides

If there is any chance you may be going to a bigger city for vacation, a tour bus or travel guide would be ideal. They can take you places you have never been and you can enjoy the sights as you go without worry of driving. In most cases, they are your own personal chauffeur leaving you free to do as you wish with your photography. There are many that will set up tours for your own private destinations, to help you capture that perfect shot of whatever kind of photography you like. Many do nature tours also like camping, hiking, and seeing the sights you have always wanted to see.

Own Your Own

If you are like me, you would rather be out on your own. Traveling to certain destinations and then hiking a few miles for pictures and back. Renting a room is ideal for this so you can spend several days in one spot. This is perfect for vacations. You can get to and see whatever you like. Just make sure not to trespass on someone’s property. Always get their permission. That can cause more trouble than it’s worth. But, in my opinion, this is the best way to find interesting ideas and see several new things. A good camping and hiking trip is well worth the long drive to get that perfect shot.

The Best of Both Worlds

As you can see, you can get the best of all worlds from any ideas you may have. Sitting in your back yard can lead to some of the most precious moments and create some great photography just by watching the sun rise or set. I like to do it all, The hiking, even on a day trip, is the best for me because it brings me closer to Mother Nature and myself. I feel a calmness that is hard to quell during the busy working hours of the week. You should stay until you are fully satisfied with both your pictures and your inner well-being. Nature is my canvas and I plan on painting it well, even if it is from some of the highest peaks in Colorado.

Now, let’s hear some of your stories about how you get your own photography ideas and show us some pictures of what you may have taken recently. I would love to hear and see them even it’s just a picture from your phone. Sometimes we can capture our best photographs traveling from one place to another. Leave all comments below along with your story and pictures. I can not wait to see what everyone has to offer the world. Always remember ~~~


~~~ Mother Nature is your canvas. Make her proud and paint your pictures well ~~~

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