Stress relief

There are very many side effects of working too much. I would know because I work a 9 to 5 job during the week with some overtime, Then I have merchandising jobs that I do on a part time basis, when I have time. I come home daily and I work on here until I feel the need to quit.

 I am a fast learner and like to go through things quickly if it makes money, but I also know I need to slow down some too and add a little more sleep to my schedule. I know I will as soon as I start profiting on this, because I can do it from anywhere. There are other jobs that I have lined up to bring in a little income elsewhere.It may not be much, but it’s something

No Sleep

When you are constantly working at making money to have the lifestyle that you want, not even extraordinary, you find yourself doing multiple tasks to make ends meet. That’s where you need to slow down. Too many will cause you to wear down quickly.

When you do not get much sleep, you can be ill, lose sight of your goals, and you are never happy. All the other jobs you do seem endless and there’s not any happiness in your life. You have no time for family. Which is what everyone needs. Slow down some and re-organize yourself and make sure you get the proper 8 hours of sleep at night or day, whichever shift you work.



Working too much can cause you to have anxiety, which of course leads to other problems in you body. You need to keep yourself healthy at all times. It causes too much stress and worry that can wear your body down fast. Then the only thing you want to do is sleep or run. Neither one of these is and option. When anxiety hits you full force, it causes depression and you are never happy or happy with yourself.


Stress is part of out everyday lives, regardless of how we do things. The technological world causes more stress than anything. I’m not talking having an entrepreneurship or an online business. It is just the technology of cell phones, hearing the news, or even reading the paper. Every time you turn around, everyone is tuned in and let’s the world around them consume them. 

Life was meant to be lived without the worry of everything that goes on in other people’s business. I live my life for myself and everyone should too. The world has turned us into robots and when I look at people they are looking down. No one looks up or around to actually see what is going on around them in the world today. There’s where the beauty in life is. When you look up and around you.

I do not blame it all on technology. It seems people really just do not care anymore about the world around them and what goes on in their daily lives. They are too consumed with what is going on in others lives. That not only causes stress and worry, it also causes problems for those involved.


Stress Free

I guess that’s why I do some of the things I do.  Photography, nature, and the outdoors help me to relax and even my body out. It doesn’t take all day, but that’s where I am. This job will make me money and when it does I can slow down a little more or maybe a lot more. I will have more time for my family and friends.

 This will be my primary job and I will not have the stress of working as hard as I do. Hard work is involved, I know, but it’s what I love. I’ll be able to do this job from anywhere.

When I spend my time out in nature, that’s where I wind down and give my body the break it needs. My worries go away. The anxiety subsides into a mellow feeling. The stress is relieved. This job I have is not hard. It is more of a calming and relaxing nature.

 I love this job and taking pictures and would completely give it my all to make money just to have the freedom and stress free life I have been searching for. This is my getaway from all the stress and pressures of life, even if it’s only 2 or 3 days, because one day, it will be all year round and the only thing I do.

Why must you ask? Because it is something I am passionate about, have the desire to do, and love. This is what makes me happy. Someone could offer me a job tomorrow, to take pictures, and you better believe I would be right there making money, writing, and enjoying every minute of it. 

Passion and desire is all it takes.With hard work and dedication to make you something great. Having something you love to do is wonderful. That’s one of the best parts of life. Enjoy it while you can.

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