Protecting your equipment



There are all different ways to protect your equipment while you’re are out taking photos, especially on rainy days.

You may want to purchase equipment to protect from wind, sand, and sun.

Equipment to protects from freezing weather or snowy conditions. Equipment to protect from rainy days.

Either way there are ways to protect your equipment because cameras and lenses are not cheap, especially if you’re rent them to get the closer zoom in angle for far away shots.

There are also equipment bags to carry all of your essentials in one pack so you’re have everything with you’re and at arms reach. These bags are easy to use, carry and store all of your items for protection in one great spot.

The digital SLR camera backpack is one of them and also had a case with padded dividers so you won’t have to worry about getting anything scratched or broken. Protection is key here, regardless of the situation.


Camera carrying bags

When out in the rain, snow or sand, they have lens coats, rain cover sleeves for camera and lens protection. These will help during the rain, misty weather, and if you’re live in the colder regions, keep the snow from damaging your camera. I would suggest using a lens coat, rain cover sleeve, for camera and lens protection. You will always want to keep your equipment protected as it is an investment in your future. They also have pro and pro 2 camera protection for the dedicated photographer that uses this to make their living. This is what we are working towards.



It is always a good idea to have some sort of protection when in weather conditions, even for your body. The weather can change suddenly and drastically.

They have waterproof ponchos with hoods that are lightweight and reusable, which is what I usually have around. They are for all ages and sizes and protect you’re from the elements. You don’t want to be enjoying the day only to be sick tomorrow.

Emergency ponchos is another way to go, although these are not reusable. They come in all sizes, with hoods but are not as durable ad the reusable ones. You do not want them to be heavy as if you’re cannot do anything, but you’re also want to protect yourself. That’s the main priority here so your desires can become your dreams, day in and day out, not just once a month, unless that is how you’re would prefer to do it. ME? I have to be constantly outside and in nature to be happy and to see some tings I have seen. Otherwise, life is just one boring mess, doing the same thing day in and out. I am spontaneous and could be anywhere at anytime when the mood strikes.






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