Outdoor Photography – The Missed Moments

There will always be the moments you wished you had gotten or know you have missed in outdoor photography. There will be days or weekends where you will have getaways with family or friends, and will be doing things where you take the protection of your equipment very seriously, as your surroundings will call for it. As outdoor photographers, we always take the protection of our equipment very seriously. Then you will have that missed moment I’m talking about.


As our eyes see

As a photographer, we take our jobs very seriously to be able to bring our perspective of art into the world. We look through the lens of a camera and we see things from a different perspective. The deer crossing the field to most people may just be that, but to a photographer it is so much more.

We always look at the finer details of things that make our desire and passion so much more than what one person can see. We see beauty looking into the eyes of an animal, watching how it eats, walks and it’s surroundings. The finer things are what makes our photography an art form.

We are always on the lookout for what we can or can’t see while we are out in the world. Always looking for that one right place or that one special moment, to capture that photograph the whole world will want to see. There have been plenty of those in the world throughout and I’m sure everyone has seen them all.

If you are out in the world, looking around you is the best thing you can do. The more you see, the more you recognize the finer things in life. You have that drive, desire, and passion for the photography, but everyone has family they want to spend time with. We all have another life, even if this is our full time job. Family is important and so is your job. There has to be a balance between the 2.

To create this balance, you give up one or the other for a few days. There are photographers who stay in the field for weeks at a time, trying to get that perfect shot of the subject they are dedicated on at the moment. When their assignment is over, or they are finished with the task at hand, they come home to their families, for quality time at home, which is a must. As I have said before, family is important.


The Missed Moment


When you are spending time with your family, as a photographer, you are still always aware of your surroundings. That is just the beauty of being a photographer. You do not always have your equipment with you or your notepad to write anything down.

You and your family go for a hike through the woods, in an area you haven’t been to in a while. As you’re hiking down to the falls, the sun sets the perfect lighting for the perfect shot right at the very top. The only thing you can do is stare at it’s beauty because you have nothing with you to take the perfect shot. As a photographer, this is a very heart wrenching ordeal, because we are artists. It would be like a painter feeling the moment to paint, but have no brushes or paint to do so with.

The one thing I have learned, if this were to ever happen to you, is to commit it to memory. Save it like you would all your pictures on a hard drive of a computer. You will go home and write it down in your notebook. You will then make your next assignment, to try to capture that perfect moment you missed. Even if you try, it will not be the same, because next time your view will be different than it was the last time.

This has happened to me. I committed that moment to memory, but I also know when I go back, I will see it from a different perspective. I know the lighting will be different, because the moment you have seen has passed by. It’s the missed moment that you will never get back, no matter how hard you try. I know you will go back to try to capture it. You might even spend days doing so, but it will always be different.

Blessings in Disguise


The missed moments are blessings in disguise because you know you will go back and try for that shot. You may never get that shot back, but you will always remember it. Now you will be blessed with other shots that you would not have seen, if it hadn’t been for that missed moment. That one missed moment will give you many blessings for other shots to take, because it will be your goal to capture that perfect one, as always.

Never let the missed moments get you down, because there will be plenty more, where that came from. You spend the time you need with your family and then when it’s time, you go back out there for the perfect shot, because another one will come along. Granted, it may not be the same one, but it will be a perfect one.











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