Outdoor Photography -Lifestyle changes

With outdoor photography you will find there will be many lifestyle changes for you. The day is beautiful so you would rather be out taking breathtaking photos than working. Work we must do until this becomes our full time job. You will must always be prepared for the expected and unexpected of the day. .

Getting Ready

The day has begun and you wanted that beautiful sunset before work begins even though you know you will have to get up super early to start your day and maybe at the end you will be tired. Its all worth it. Day in and day out. The goal you have set forth for yourself for the day is an accomplished one, You will be amazed and proud of yourself. Always practice.

Knowing where to go

Which way the sun rises is where you want to be. Take more than one by all means because I would love to see some myself. Dreamless possibilities if you know where to go and who else knows the place you live better than you? You will know the best places where you can catch that sunrise or sunset, whether it be on top of the hill or a mountain overlooking that stream with the green grass meadow below full of wildflowers.

Being prepared

You of course want to always be prepared for any type of weather because if the day starts out sunny and nice, it doesn’t mean it’s going to end that way. Always try to keep something for every weather event in your car. You will wouldn’t want to get wet or be so cold you can’t do anything because you forgot your jacket. Its nice to be warm and cozy, even in the below degree temperatures. You will want to have your functionality and desire with you. You will wouldn’t want to give up the perfect day to freeze, especially if there is a lot of activity outside going on outside. It would just be a waste of your time. Time that could be spent looking and going through all of your other pictures,

Knowing when to stop for the day

Getting started is the easy part. But remember if you want to look at those pictures when you get home and go through them please do. Just allow yourself enough time to do so. I can stay out all day and enjoy it. When I get that sunset, unless I see an owl or 2, I’m calling it a day. There will be days that I’m so tired from hiking, I’ll wait until the next day to go over my pictures. Starting an online gallery is great. Having a portfolio at home is great but requires a lot of patience and work. But all in all it is worth every amount of time spent doing what I love. The same should be said for you.

Always keep fresh ideas

Keep your ideas fresh. You will do not want to have the same things all around you. When something new comes to mind, keep a small notebook around and write them to keep them fresh you w with what you want to see. Most times you will forget what it was in the first place. This way you have it on hand and can go back to it at any time to refresh your memory, Want to try something new but don’t have time now, write it down. Keep your ideas fresh and positive and there’s not a doubt in my mind you will succeed and benefit from what you have accomplished.

To You will Future Endeavors,

Much success!

Sherrane Walker



  1. Taetske says:

    Good Morning Sherrane,

    I still was quite young when my Father gave me a Voigtlander camera, the one you look into from the top. That is a long time ago but I still have my photo albums with those small black and white photos.

    Where ever I go I take my camera with me as you never know what you might encounter.

    Sometimes I have rushed out to my patio to catch that awesome sunset you might get later in the summer.

    That is a good tip to keep a small notebook so you can write down your impressions and ideas.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Sherrane says:

      I am glad you started at a young age. The practice only makes us better at what we do.

      The  notebook idea was for anything or everything so you can know what you may want to do in the future, say after a rainy day.

      Even if you wanted to make a family member something, there’s always ideas to write down to help with the organization of that. This way your mind stays focused, because that is what some people need. I’m glad you found that idea helpful.

      Thank You,

      Much appreciated,


  2. Paul says:

    Dear Sherrane,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful article. This article has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    Recently I decided to follow my passion and started learning photography from my friend, he is a professional photographer. Nowadays I am looking for information on photography on the internet and found your insightful article.

    Indeed, getting up early might seem to be difficult in the beginning but its worth the effort. Last few weeks I am getting up at 4 am and the best thing is I finish my 80% tasks before lunch itself.

    Every photographer love to catch sunset and sunrise I am no exception. Great advice and I got great insights from your article. Making note of the fresh idea is an eye-opener. I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented. Going forward I will implement what I learned from your article.

    Much Success!


    • Sherrane says:

      Thank you. I am glad you found it insightful and that I could be of some help and that you found it motivating for you.

      You are learning from your friend, a professional photographer, which is one of the best things that could help you get to where you are going. Remember that sometimes doing it yourself and making your own mistakes is how we get better at what we do. This way you know what you did wrong and can correct them in a different way. Always learn from yourself and of course, your friend. I;m sure he has great insights too.

      Fresh ideas are always the best key I have found to deliver more content and glad there was something there for you to implement into your daily routine.

      Good luck with the photography and much success to you.



  3. Dr. SD says:

    Hi Sherrane Walker,

    I like your described ideas for outdoor photography. I am an occasional photographer, you can say it is my hobby. When I visit a new destination away from city pollution, early in the morning I walk for having some photos of outstanding landscapes. If I get a new species (bird or insect) it is more exciting for me. However, I do extensive research on birds photography. 

    But one thing is negative for me, that I am never been able to understand when to stop. When I complete my photography session, I really get tired and most of the time I can not sort out the best photo on the same day. Even sometimes I spend a lot of days to upload them. Your idea might be helpful to me.

    • Sherrane says:

      Landscapes are the best. I also like wildlife in any form, so birds and insects are great. You do extensive research on birds photography, so maybe try to research a little less and take matters into your own hands and just go do it. You never know what you may find or learn on your own.i am out. If I’m tired when I get home, I just upload them and let them be until they are finished. You have another day to look forward too

      When I’m out I take thousands upon thousands of pictures a day when I’m out. If I’m tired when I get home, I just upload them and let them be until they are finished. Tomorrow is another day and you may not feel like it then, but you will go through them even if you do nothing with them.

      I have found there is no negative in photography. It’s always at your own pace. Take your time, even if it a few days, let your body rest then pick it back up. You and your body knows when that is possible. It’s not a rush or race because you want the best pictures possible and you do not want blurry eyes that make things more difficult.

      Hope this helps. 

      Thank You,

      Much success to you,


    • Sherrane says:

      Hobbies are great. If you spend your whole day taking pictures, as we all do, because I never know when to stop. I can take thousands upon thousands of photos a day. Especially wildlife.

      You do not have to do it all in 1 day just try to make sure that you can do part while it’s still fresh on your mind. I upload my photos when I get home, but there may be days that I will not go over them for a day or 2.

      Everyone has to rest and needs a break and your body tells you when. Rainy days are good to go through them if you already have them uploaded. This will help pace your body out. Hope this helps.

      Good Luck to your future endeavors.

      Thank you,


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