Being Prepared

Dreams and desires are one of the things that keep us going. Helping to take that extra mile to make your dreams come true. Everyone has it. It is just whether someone wants to do it.

The dream for my passion quickly became desire when I got into the types of photos I wanted to take. I just didn’t want to be an ordinary photographer. I wanted everything to be special. Even when I have to wait hours for the alligator to cross the road so he can be seen in his own environment. I couldn’t just make a blank canvas and be satisfied. Everything had to mean something or be special to me.

That’s where you should start, is with a blank canvas and fill it in as you go. Your desire will quickly change into passion. Then your passion becomes your dreams. I have even taken pictures of birds in a field just resting or a tree growing out of a rock. The favorite I have had the chance to take recently is where the new tree is sprouting from a dead stump, trying to triumph over the damage mother nature has done.

When desire hits, it does not have to be a gorgeous day outside. It could be gloomy, raining, and cloudy out. These are just some examples as to where your desire will take you. Once you start, it will not matter what the weather is like, you are going to want different sorts of photos in your portfolio so you have the option to add and replace that blank canvas any time you desire.

Always remember to keep your lenses and mirrors clean for the optimum photo. When you are out in the weather, make sure you have camera protection, body protection, and depending on how bad it gets, pants, boots, and a rain jacket. You definitely don’t want to get stuck in a lightning storm, although they are the best kinds of pictures to feature in your portfolio. Always make sure you are a safe distance away and in shelter like a home or car. The last thing you need is waking up in the hospital and trying to figure what happened.

When out hiking for photos always make sure you are wearing the proper shoes and gear. Keep plenty of water to stay hydrated, and if you are going to be out for a while, I suggest a few snacks. (fruits, berries, granola and granola bars, and maybe some nuts you like in there.) You’re going to more interested in your surroundings than what you are eating. Always take breaks, especially when feeling tired.

Protect yourself against the weather by having and applying sunscreen and insect repellent. You do not want your passion and desire to become a chore so things like that I keep in my car along with a dry towel, just in case.

Remember to always let someone know where you are going. Do not forget your camera. It’s a must have.

Happy trails, rain or shine, to you for the projects your desire has become.

To our success,

Sherrane Walker

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